This site is under construction. Please excuse the dwarves.

Holy smokes we’ve got a lot in the works. Bob talked me into working on a quarterly magazine for OGL stuff, so we’ll be putting out information on Ǻrth kind of piecemeal in an ongoing series there. We’ve got three adventures we are working on that had their roots in Lairs of Lawlessness and two others that are retoolings of adventures some of you may have played in the 1990s. We are trying to finish up our dominion rulership and mass combat system, which is being a bigger problem than we liked—the OGL combat system just does not like being scaled. We are looking to start the Fantasy Grounds playtest of Lairs so if you are interested in that, send either Bob or me a message.Oh, and we are still keeping the day jobs.

Hope to see you at the game table.