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Where old-school fantasy adventure meets 21st century interconnectivity

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Traditional Fantasy

In the hazy days of the past, far back before samurais, ninjas, and cyborg turtles packing muskets infiltrated fantasy gaming, there was a simpler, less flashy, and more organic vision of what it was to be a hero on an adventure.

The Cailore Campaign™ is a return to the hobby’s roots. Swords and sorcery in the tradition of Tolkien and Mort de Arthur — we leave the firearm toting terrapins to someone else.

Rule a Domain

Have you ever wanted to be a Lord or Lady? Do you feel there is unrecognized grace and nobility in your blood? ? Do you desire the flair and panache of a noble title?

In Rule by Mail you get to know what it like to live as an enlightened lord or cruel despot. You start as a lord of a small frontier village, but with skill, courage, and some luck, you can grow your dominion and possibly make a move for the throne.

Online Gamers' Guild

Play old-school games with new friends from around the world using our old rules and the best 21st century online RPG software.

We use the Fantasy Grounds virtual table top for live gaming sessions with players from around the world, or you can join one of our play-by-post games for a really old-school version of online role playing.

Sector Command

The year is 2996–Over 10,000 worlds have been colonized by the children of Earth. A mighty empire of humans finds itself surrounded by hostile aliens and political fractures within. You take the role of an Imperial Naval Officer tasked with the security of Imperial Space in this resurrection of the 1990s play-by-mail game.

Xtreme Capitali$m

Take the role of a 1920s gangster in this real time organized crime simulation.

Will you be then next Capone or the next nameless body dumped in Captial City’s river?

Design Partners Wanted

We are looking for artists and writers who love the fantasy adventure genre who would like to help build a shared world and bring enjoyment to thousands of players.

At Cailore Fantasy all contributors earn shares based on their work. Those shares are used to divide all revenue the company collects—you are not working for a faceless corporation, you are working for your team and yourself.

Fantasy Grounds Session 0

Fantasy Grounds Session 0

Session Zero Notes These are the guidelines for the party and our adventure. Game Setting Setting information can be found at Information will be added to this site as the game progresses. As a thanks for helping us play test this adventure in 5e...

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