Stakeholder News Letter

It’s our first stakeholder newsletter giving information to our contributors and playtesters. If you’d rather read it in .pdf, you can download it here. Hello everyone and welcome (finally) to our first stakeholder newsletter. We’ve got a lot of pots on...

What’s Next

Holy smokes we’ve got a lot in the works. Bob talked me into working on a quarterly magazine for OGL stuff, so we’ll be putting out information on Ǻrth kind of piecemeal in an ongoing series there. We’ve got three adventures we are working on that had their roots in...

Here comes a new beginning

We are two weeks out from the launch of A1 Lairs of Lawlessness and with it a brand new beginning for Cailore Fantasy. The Adventure Portfolio started out as an introductory module for levels 1–3, but has turned into an entire mini-campaign that will take characters all the way to 6th level if they play through all the content and has starter threads for 5 different follow-on adventures that will provide players opportunities to see reoccurring threads throughout their careers, all the way to 20th level.

South Orcspire

South Orcspire (AU 3134) is an agrarian center in the Grand Barony of Orcspire, in the Near North region of Auctorus. The town is governed by a council of guild elders, but absolute authority lies in the Arch-baron of Orcspire. The town council, however, keeps the laws just, the taxes paid, and trade flowing, so the Arch-baron his happy enough to leave the day-to-day administration in their capable hands.

How do I make a character to join in the Playtest?

Can’t find your dusty old 3.5 books, got too much of that new game system on your mind? Well have no fear, everything you need to know to create your Cailore Fantasy character is right here in an easy to follow 8-step program. You can use either the old fashion...

Call of Characters!

We are so close to the play test of Lairs of Lawlessness, I can taste it. This adventure has snowballed from a short intro adventure, into a 70-page adventure arc that will take characters from 1st level all the way to 4th level within an open-style adventure format based out of a secure location in the Upriver region of Orcspire.

Arcane College

The Arcane College is the confederation of magic schools and defacto mages guild on the continent of Auctorus. Wizards who do not belong to the order will have a difficult time advancing very far.

Orcspire Upriver

This area is a large u-shaped valley scooped out by glaciers long before the civilized races populated the region. The Upriver valley has an alpine climate, cool summers and cold winters with a good amount of precipitation throughout the year.

Bailey on the Dwarfwater

A small stone wall and tower was built by Sir Aylard the Younger when he was given the task of bringing civilization back to the Upriver. In the few years since, a small village has grown up near the lord’s bailey populated by brave farm families who hope to take advantage of the fertile river valley becoming safe again for agriculture.

Sir Aylard the Younger

Sir Aylard the Younger comes from a long line of knights who have served the barons of Orcspire since the creation of the domain hundreds of years ago. Aylard the Younger has recently been selected by the Baron of Orcspire to tame the lands of the Upriver region which...