This site is under construction. Please excuse the dwarves.

We are so close to the play test of Lairs of Lawlessness, I can taste it. This adventure has snowballed from a short intro adventure, into a 70-page adventure arc that will take characters from 1st level all the way to 4th level within an open-style adventure format based out of a secure location in the Upriver region of Orcspire.

Anyone who wants to participate the Fantasy Grounds playtest will need to send in a character to be loaded before we kick off actual play. We will limit the first play through to 8 characters, if more people than that want to play, we can run two different groups. The rule set in use is 3.5 OGL. You can either hand-make a character using the standard rules or use a character management program like Hero Lab. The method of creation is point-buy with 28 points to spend, standard races and classes OK. Each character has 100 GP to spend on starting equipment, choosing only from the mundane equipment list. Anyone wanting to use an authentic Cailore Fantasy deity can use this summary list:

If you use hero lab, please create your character in a portfolio all by itself, then send me a copy of that portfolio file. That is the easiest way to make sure your character complies with the rules and will get imported into Fantasy Grounds correctly.

If you make your character some way other than Hero Lab, send me your character in whatever way is convenient for you, but still legible to me. I’ll load it into Hero Lab with the rest of the party, then send you a new .pdf of your character. After the adventure, your character will remain available for you to play in more Cailore Fantasy-Fantasy Grounds events.

To sign-up for the play test, just comment below, and I’ll send you the email address to send your character. If you want to participate, but don’t want to make your own character, I’ll have a couple ‘pick up’ characters available too.