Mountain Dwarf

needartMountain Dwarves are known for their brutal tenacity, at work or at war, Mountain Dwarves never give up. They live in underground Halls and are ruled by monarchs called Hall Masters. They were the world’s first intelligent race and as such, they harbor many great secrets.

Personality: Mountain Dwarves are grim and determined, they rarely find time for relaxation and even less often find time to socialize. While they are highly lawful, they also are known to be greedy and jealous.

Physical Description: Mountain Dwarves stand between four and five feet in height, but they are so broad and muscular, they easily out weight the average human. Their skin and hair are usually the color of rough-hewn stone and their eyes are generally steely black.

Relations: Mountain Dwarves are said to hate everyone, especially people who aren’t Mountain Dwarves. But none hold a place of loathing greater than the Ogræ, they very sight of an orc, ogre, trol, goblin or hill giant will drive a Mountain Dwarf into a murderous frenzy.

Alignment: Usually Lawful Neutral.

Dwarven Lands: The continent of Gotteramboß is the home of the Mountain Dwarves, but they have outposts all over the globe, the most notable hall on Auctorus is the Granite Court.

Religion: Mountain Dwarves worship their immortal god-king, called the Mountain King. Mountain Dwarves tolerate no insult to the Mountain King and it is best not to converse with Mountain Dwarves about religion.

Language: Mountain Dwarves speak Alt Dethark, a language as old as the world. Some Mountain Dwarves will learn to speak a second language in order to facilitate trade.

Names: Dwarf names are granted by clan elders. A name is a sacred thing to a Dwarf and it carries with it the memories and the honor of all the dwarves who have carried it before. Should a Dwarf dishonor his or her name, the clan elders will take back the name, effectively removing the Dwarf from society.

Male Names: Bagil, Felad, Felir, Gun, Ruik, Tazun, Traubon, Zaruk.

Female Names: Artin, Audhild, Ilde, Izulan, Undul. [All female names begin with vowels]

Clan Names: Koenen, Nud, Tazin, Zaral, Zulukthanda.

Adventurers: Most Mountain Dwarf adventurers are either on a quest from their superiors within the hall (or even the Mountain King himself), or are traveling to acquire wealth in order to improve his or her position within the hall.

Mountain Dwarf Racial Traits

  • +1 Strength, +2 Constitution, -1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence, -3 Charisma. Mountain Dwarves are stout, and tough but tend to be clumsy of foot and mouth.
  • Medium-size: As medium-sized creatures they have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Dwarven base speed is 20 feet.
  • Darkvision: Mountain Dwarves can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Non-buoyant. Due to the density of Mountain Dwarves, they have a -10 modifier on all swimming checks.
  • Stonecunning: Mountain Dwarves get a +2 racial bonus on checks to notice unusual stonework.
  • +2 racial bonus on saving throws versus poison, spells, and spell-like effects.
  • +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against orcs and goblinoids.
  • +4 dodge bonus against giants.
  • +2 racial bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal work.
  • Favored Class: Fighter.
Table: Random Starting Ages
Race Adulthood Barbarian
Dwarf 40 years +3d6 +5d6 +7d6
Table: Aging Effects
Race Midage1 Old2 Venerable3 Max Age
Dwarf 125 years 188 years 250 years +2d% years

1 At middle age, –1 to STR, DEX, and CON; +1 to INT, WIS, and CHA.

2 At old age, –2 to STR, DEX, and CON; +1 to INT, WIS, and CHA.

3 At venerable age, –3 to STR, DEX, and CON; +1 to INT, WIS, and CHA.

Table: Random Height and Weight
Race Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Dwarf, male 3´ 9˝ +2d4 130 lb. × (2d6) lb.
Dwarf, female 3´ 7˝ +2d4 100 lb. × (2d6) lb.

Height and Weight

The dice roll given in the Height Modifier column determines the character’s extra height beyond the base height. That same number multiplied by the dice roll or quantity given in the Weight Modifier column determines the character’s extra weight beyond the base weight.

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