Cailore Fantasy™ was developed over the years as a place for me to express my creative impulses and run my own fantasy role playing game campaign. While most of the themes in the campaign are by no means unique, they are themes I find important to the human condition—heroic quests, valiant struggles, the perpetual rise and fall of civilizations and the personal journeys we all pursue toward self-actualization. And above all, I think it makes for good, fun role playing.

The principal locale of Cailore Fantasy is the continent of Auctorus—a landmass about the size of Australia where the human species has risen to predominance, but is still populated by communities of dwarves, elves, and goblinkind. Approximately two hundred years before the time players will game, a great cataclysm splintered the Great Empire of the humans. This disaster has sent human society into a dark age, from which they are only beginning to have hope of escaping.

Game masters can use this work either piecemeal or as a whole to locate their own campaigns—giving their players a fresh, and oft times ‘old school’ approach to fantasy role playing.

Core Rules

  • Magic Items
  • Equipment & Special Materials

  • Monsters
  • Types & Subtypes
  • Improving Monsters
  • Monster Feats
  • Monsters as Races

  • Cailore Rules Document Table of Contents

These rules are derived from the original Open Game License (OGL) rules from the 3.5 era. Some changes have been made to better reflect the play style we prefer on Ǻrth; however, players and game masters could use material from Cailore Fantasy™ products in any fantasy world which is compatible with OGL, and only small modifications would need to be made for this material to fit into any contemporary fantasy role playing game setting.