The following is a brief description of the deities of the Cailore Campaign. All deities and faiths of Cailore Fantasy™ are “product identity” and are not released under the Open Game License. Clerics must be within one alignment step of their patron deity. The weapon listed is the weapon favored by the clergy of the faith and is the weapon type summoned by Spiritual Weapon spells. The prestige domain listed is the domain granted to Archpriests of the church. If no Prestige Priests or Prestige Domains are listed, that faith does not have prestige class Clerics.

Academus [NG] Heroes, Quests
Good, Luck, Strength, Travel {Glory}.
Archpriest, Hospitaler.

Academus is the patron of those who would quest for the impossible and take up hopeless causes for the down trodden. Priests of Academus serve their youths on various quests until they are called to serve the younger generation by building and attending shrines in the borderlands.

Aeacus [LN] Judge of the Dead
Death, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Retribution, {Inquisition}.
Light mace.
Archpriest, Church Inquisitor.
Aeacus is the Judge of the Dead, who must weigh the acts of all mortals before they pass to their final abodes in the outer planes. The priests of Aeacus served in the old empire as magistrates for the living and presided over funeral rites for the dead. In the new order of the world, the priesthood is struggling to regain their role as law givers as many people have lost their faith that the old gods can save them, in this life or the next.

Afflatus [N] Inspiration, Psionics.
Knowledge, Luck, Mentalism, Planning, Sun {Mind}.
Light crossbow. Archpriest, Contemplative.
Afflatus is the god of Inspiration who grants genius to humans who persevere in academic pursuits. Priests of Afflatus attend artisans, craftsmen and poets, bringing the gifts of their deity to mortal minds. Since the rise of psionics on Auctorus, Afflatus has become the ad hoc deity of psionic powers as well.

Alecto [CE] Fury
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Hate, Strength {Celerity}.
Flail. Archpriest.
Alecto is a stormy goddess with an eternal appitie for destruction. Alecto’s priesthood is tasked with the destruction of human and demihuman society, through one violent act after another. They believe that life is a painful test and they are the chosen who shall bring the pain to the masses.

Ammonis [LE] Arrogance, Greed, Pride
Evil, Illusion, Law, Magic, Protection {Mind}
Longsword. Archpriest.
Ammonis is the corruptor of humanity and the defiler of souls. His priests carry out his will in this world in exchange for promises of glory in the afterlife.

Andromeda [CN] Beauty, Sensuality
Chaos, Charm, Luck, Illusion, Trickery.
Andromeda’s Clerics are protectors and promoters of human passion. The are neutral toward most of life’s petty concerns and believe that each moment should be its own bliss.

Atalanta [N] Speed, Messengers
Air, Knowledge, Strength, Travel {Celerity}.
Javelin. Archpriest.
Atalanta’s Clerics serve as messengers or support way-stations for messengers. They have a divine edict to maintain communication between humanity.

Auctor [NG] Creation, Exploration, Travel
Good, Luck, Protection, Travel {Creation}.
Shortsword. Archpriest.
Auctor’s priests are often explorers or sages. They believe their god created the world as a gift to be enjoyed through its discovery and uncovering of its secrets.

Aura [NG] Spring, Children, Agriculture
Air, Animal, Good, Plants, Renewal {Community}.
Quaterstaff. Archpriest, Hospitaler.
Aura is the Goddess of spring, renewal and growth. Her priests are tasked with the promotion of human communities in a way that preserves the beauty of nature. While Aura is the daughter of Sylvanus, she is usually depicted as a young human woman.

Bellicosus [NE] War
Destruction, Protection, Strength, War {Domination}.
Heavy Mace. Archpriest, Warpriest.
Bellicosus is the divine general. He embodies all the qualities of a ruthlessly efficient commander; weighing life as nothing more than an asset to be used on the battlefield. The priests of Bellicosus are often officers in the militaries of the Council of Peers or instructors of troops.

Bellona [NE] Battle, Warriors
Protection, Strength, Travel, War {Domination}.
Longsword. Archpriest, Warpriest.
The daughter of Bellicosus, Bellona is the goddess of warriors and battles. Where her father’s concerns regard the strategic, Bellona is concerned with the tactical. Most soldiers of Auctorus at least venerate ‘he Queen of Battle and a good number of career soldiers hear the call to dedicate at least part of their training and talents to her faith.

Cacus [CE] Destruction with Fire
Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Hate, Strength {Madness}.
Flaming Club. Archpriest.
Cacus is a lusty and vengeful godling. He is the patron of destructive human passions and the destructive power of fire. His priests are an anarchic bunch of thugs who wield the power granted by Cacus as an authority to victimize the weak.

Castor [NG] Sailors
Good, Ocean, Protection, Travel {Community}.
Dagger. Archpriest.
Castor was once a mortal sailor who gave his life to save his ship mates. He has become venerated throughout Auctorus by fishermen and sailors, and is invoked to watch over journeys out to sea. Priests of Castor are very often sailors, but a few tend churches in port cities to provide for the needs of sailors and their families.

Cryos [NE] Winter, Wind, Cold, Entropy
Air, Cold, Destruction, Suffering, Storms, {Creation}.
Quarterstaff. Archpriest.
Old Man Winter is a god without mercy or feeling in his frozen immortal heart. His is the duty to bring the cycle of life to its low point. He is always in a bitter battle with Aura and her priesthood. Priests of Cryos seek always to disrupt civilization and promote entropy.

Cythereia [CG] Love
Good, Family, Healing, Protection, Renewal {Community}.
Shortspear. Archpriest, Hospitaler.
Cythereia is the goddess of compassionate love. Her priests minister to needs of their communities and spread the truths of compassionate love. While her priests disdain violence, they are not prohibited from it as the priests of Mirus are.

Dedecus [N] Guilt, Disgrace, the Fallen
Chaos, Darkness, Death, Divination, Luck, Protection {Madness}.
Light Mace. Archpriest, Master of Shrouds.
Dedecus is a new deity who ascended during the fall of the Great Empire. Dedecus spent the last years of his life wandering the streets warning people of the coming doom and telling them to change their evil ways to avoid the cataclysm. Now his priests seek to punish those who would continue to perpetrate the evils that brought about the fall of the Empire.

Ditis [CE] the Lurking Darkness, Evil Predation
Caverns, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil {Mysticism}.
Kukri [free feat] Archpriest, Death Warden
Ditis is the god of things that go bump in the night. He is the stalking evil that awaits to consume humanity. His Clerics wear intimidating black designs over white face paint.

Doctus [NG] Art, Bards, Knowledge
Good, Luck, Knowledge, Planning, Travel {Mind}.
Light Mace. Archpriest.
Doctus is the patron of art, bards and libraries. His clergy works to foster development of human cultural advances.

Duplicitus [CE] Assassination, Betrayal
Chaos, Evil, Hate, Trickery {Domination}.
Dagger. Archpriest.
The traitorous spirit is fostered by the dark whispers of Duplicitus. His priests travel the land infiltrating and corrupting organizations and communities.

Erinys [CE] Cheating, Lies, Thieves
Chaos, Evil, Hate, Suffering, Trickery {Domination}.
Dagger. Archpriest
Erinys (air-in-ees) is the goddess of evil thieves. Her priests often work to appease her for blessings in order to become better thieves themselves.

Filia [CE] Bloodlust, Victims
Chaos, Evil, Hate, Suffering, Trickery {Pestilence}.
Spiked chain [free feat]
Archpriest, Concentrated Harrier.
Filia is the patroness of revenge for offenses both real and imagined. Her Clerics often assail those of better position because of their perceived victimization of ‘innocense’. Occasionally they do take up acts of righteous retribution, but usually only by accident.

Forseti [LG] Justice
Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength {Glory}.
Longsword [free feat] Archpriest, Church Inquisitor, Consecrated Harrier, Knight of the Chalice, Templar.
Forseti is the northern god of justice, venerated by Lawful Good denizens of the Boche and northern tribes. His Clerics serve as magistrates and quest to bring criminals to justice.

Gorgo [CE] Disease
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil Suffering, {Pestilence}.
Flail Archpriest.
Gorgo is the goddess of disease and the bringer of suffering. Her Clerics often are diseased and vengeful. They travel the land spreading the ‘blessings’ of their goddess.

Greets-with-Fire [LG] Justice and Guardians
Fire, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength {Glory}.
Morning Star. Archpriest, Hunter of the Dead, Sacred Exorcist, Templar.
Greets-with-Fire is the Husasa god of justice and divine fire. His Clerics and paladins are highly esteemed in their homeland where they serve as a kind of police force. They often travel outside their homeland on holy quests to defeat evils as directed by the church’s hierarchy.

Grumbar [LN] The Earth.
Caverns, Earth, Law, Strength, Protection {Creation}.
War Hammer. Archpriest.
One of the seven creator gods, Grumbar is the paragon of Earth. It was he who created the Mountain Dwarves from his own blood. It has been several millennia since Grumbar enjoyed a large clergy, but there are a small number of fractious Mountain Dwarves who give him worship and a few Hill Dwarves seeking the ancient roots of their species.

Habaloi [CN] Trickery
Chaos, Luck, Illusion, Trickery, Travel {Madness}.
Dagger Archpriest.
Habaloi is the god of trickery venerated mostly by gnomes and Miloi. While Habaloi’s tenants do not purposely advocate harm, a good jest is measured on the amount of disruption caused, not the morality of effects.

Hansek [NE] Orcs
Destruction, Evil, Orc, Strength, War {Mysticism}.
Double Axe. Archpriest, Templar, Warpriest.
The great father of orcs, Hansek is their patron of all things orcish. His Clerics drive orcs towards a never ending crusade against dwarves, elves, and humans.

He-Who-Dreams [CE] Corruption, Insanity
Chaos, Evil, Mentalism, Trickery, Water {Madness}.
Flail. Archpriest, Master of Shrouds.
He-Who-Dreams is the patron of fevered delusion, who whispers maddening secrets into the dreams of his chosen. While his goals defy mortal comprehension, his clergy know they are preparing the world for his awakening.

Hecate [N] Magic, Mysteries, the Night
Darkness, Knowledge, Magic, Moon, Protection {Summoning}.
Archpriest, Contemplative, Divine Oracle, Knight of the Middle Circle.
Hecate is the triumvirate goddess of Magic, the Heavens and the Protector of Children. Her Clerics pursue a number of varied goals as the stars tell them they should.

Hel [NE] Death, Evil
Death, Evil, Fate {Pestilence}.
Sickle. Archpriest.
Hel is the northern goddess of death and the dead. She captures the souls of mortals who fail to live a glorious life and imprisons them in a world of eternal melancholy.

Helios [NG] Fire, the Sun.
Fire, Sun, Travel, War {Glory, Exorcism}.
Archpriest, Hunter of the Dead, Sacred Exorcist, Templar.
Helios is the god of cleansing fire and of the sun. His Clerics quest to bring light and goodness into the shadow and drive out evil where ever it may be found.

Ibaloi [CG] Good Rogues, Swashbuckling
Chaos, Good, Luck, Miloi, Trickery {Celerity}.
Rapier [free feat]. Archpriest.
Ibaloi is the embodiment of the charming Rogue and the patron of those who would use the stealthy arts to do good.

Ibaron [NG] Rangers, Woodland Creatures, Unicorns.
Animal, Alfar, Good, Moon, Renewal {Beastmaster, Glory}}.
Longsword. Archpriest or Wildmaster.
Ibaron is an immortal unicorn who is the divine protector of wildlife. He is the patron of many Rangers especially those of Grey Elven and Miloi decent.

Legatus [LN] Duty, Law, Order
Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength {Glory}.
Warhammer. Archpriest, Church Inquisitor, Templar.
Legatus is the patron of the law. His Clerics often serve as magistrates and barristers.

Lyra [CG] Music, the Dance
Chaos, Charm, Good, Luck {Summoning}.
Crossbow. Archpriest.
Lyra is the charming goddess of Music, Dance and euphoric release. Her Clerics are often also bards.

Mercator [N(E)] Merchants, Profit
Planning, Trade, Trickery, Travel {Domination}.
Mace. Archpriest.
Mercator is the patron of merchants and traders. The accumulation of wealth is the greatest achievement a follower of Mercator may aspire toward. Consequently his priests are often business owners.

Mirus [(C)G] Joy, Happiness, Peace
Good, Healing, Hearth, Protection {Community}.
None. Archpriest, Contemplative, Hospitaler.
Mirus is the patron of peace and happiness. He disdains violence in any of its forms and will not tolerate it among his clergy. If a priest of Mirus is faced with a violent confrontation, the priest may use spells to disarm or disable her/his opponents, but is not allowed to use lethal force.
Special: +3 Skill points per level. +2 per die on healing spells. A Cleric of Mirus who kills another sentient creature will loose all spells for one year and one day.

Mordius [CE] Undeath
Chaos, Darkness, Death, Evil Undeath, {Pestilence}.
Quarterstaff. Archpriest.

Mordius is the god of Undeath and patron of sentient undead. His Clerics seek to transform the world of the living into a mirror image of Mordius’ home plane deep in the lower planes. The ultimate goal of a follower of Mordius is to gain a place among the honored undead – those undead who retain their intellect and at least a fragment of their personality.

Morgane [NG] The Dawn, Perpetual Opportunity.
Good, Healing, Renewal, Sun, Travel {Creation}.
Morning Star Archpriest, Contemplative, Hospitaler, Knight of the Chalice.

Morgane (Mor-gon-a), the Lady of the Dawn, is the Landern deity of Rebirth, Opportunity, and Cleansing Light. Her priests travel with Landern bands providing both spiritual guidance and protection. Occasionally Boch come to the worship of Morgane and become paladins or questing Clerics.

Mountain King [N] Mountain Dwarves
Earth, Metal, Strength, Protection, War {Mysticism}.
War Axe. Archpriest, Templar, Warpriest.
The Mountain King is the immortal god-king of the Mountain Dwarves – first of his kind. The very blood of Grumbar flows in his veins, forever keeping him alive and vital beyond the limits of simple mortality. Millennia ago the Mountain King usurped Grumbar’s place as the patron of the Mountain Dwarves and he rules the entire race from his hall on Gotteramboß.

Mykes [CN] Death, Decay, Entropy
Chaos, Death, Destruction, Protection

The forgotten god, Mykes is ever present and ever patient, as even the gods fall to Mykes in time.

Nefandus [LE] Gnolls, the Wild, Foes of Humanity
Animals, Retribution, Strength, Travel, War {Mysticism}.
Flail [Dire Flail]. Warpriest.
Nefandus was once a gnoll slave to the Great Empire. When the Emperor learned that Nefandus was organizing the slaves for rebellion he had Nefandus blinded with a hot iron, paraded through the streets of the capital and then flayed alive in public. The Emperor could not have handled the situation worse. As the martyred Nefandus became so idolized by the gnoll and humanoid slaves of the Empire, he was razed from his place in the land of the dead to the status of a demigod.

Nefandus then used his new priests to organize a rebellion the likes of which he could have never done in life. When the gnolls struck at humanity for their freedom they escaped into the wildest regions of Auctorus and began settlements of their own. Taking the worst lessons from the Empire, the gnolls have a disdain for any physical labor besides combat. They relish taking and brutalizing human slaves.

The priests of Nefandus still serve as arbiters of the god’s will on the prime plane, and none in gnoll society are so revered.

Nihilis [NE] Oblivion
Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Fate {Pestilence}.
Dagger. Archpriest.
Nihilis is the god of Oblivion, the all consuming nothing that his followers believe was the beginning and unavoidable end of the universe. Since the priests of Nihilis see all life as suffering, they take it as their divine duty to speed the coming of Oblivion and see their work as the most compassionate cause of action.

Nike [NG] Athletics, Skill, Victory
Good, Luck, Strength, Travel {Celerity}.
Spear. Archpriest.
Nike is the patron of perfection in physical endeavor. Her priests serve as coaches, instructors, and judges for athletes and warriors.

Oberon Eos [NG] Grey Elves
Alfar, Good, Healing, Protection, Sun {Community}.
Long Bow. Archpriest.
The patron of Grey Elves, Oberon Eosis the embodiment of all that the race strives to become; beautiful, learned, graceful, and silently powerful. Priests of Oberon Eos serve their communities as councilors in times of peace and protectors in times of conflict. Depictions of the deity may be either male or female, or sexually nondescript, in speech Elves refer to Oberon Eos using their gender neutral pronoun.

Ogra-Thek [NE] Ogræ
Destruction, Evil, Hatred, Strength, War {Mysticism}.
Morningstar. Archpriest, Warpriest.
Ogra-Thek is a storm among immortals – he embodies burning lusts for pleasure and bloodshed. Ogra-Thek cares little for the actions of his priests, so long as they live the path of unbridled desire.

Orious [NG] Rangers, The Hunt
Animals, Good, Strength, Travel {Beastmaster}.
Longspear. Archpriest.
Orious is the patron of good hunters and Rangers. He teaches the ways of responsibly taking the blessings of Sylvanus and urges humanity to live in accordance with the natural ways. Orious priests serve as mentors for Rangers and hunters and often staff outposts in the wild. The clergy of Orious has also taken the task of ridding the world of Abominations, as they believe the are an affront to the children of Sylvanus.

Pallid King [LE] Fate
Evil, Fate, Knowledge, Law, Tyranny {Madness, Divination}.
Longsword. Archpriest, Contemplative, Divine Oracle.
The Pallid King is the god of fate. Little is known of his purposes or motives, and most of his priests pursue advancement within his faith in order to gain these insights.

Proavus [LN] Time, Changelessness
Law, Magic, Planning, Protection, Time {None}
Quarterstaff. Contemplative.
Proavus is it the god of time, its passing, and the ability to withstand it. His priest are often called upon to mark the passage of time and to bless agreements, and constructions that are meant to last generations.

Ragnor [CE] Looting & Pillaging
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War {Mysticism}.
Battle Axe. Archpriest, Warpriest.
Ragnor is the Norden god of looting and pillaging, and patrons who do so as a living. His priests often command longships in their voyages south for plunder, or serve raider jarls.

Regius [LG] Royalty, Just Rulership
Good, Law, Nobility, Protection {Glory}.
Heavy Mace. Archpriest.
Regius was once the king of the Iun gods and the patron of rulers. While his priesthood was subverted and forgotten during the final century of the Great Empire, they have begun to regain prestige and status as it is believed by many that the departure from just rulership caused the fall of the Empire. The priests of Regius often serve as mentors and advisors to the nobles of Auctorus.

Sesleth [N] Creation, Water, Saurians
Animal, Earth, Protection, Saurian, Water {Creation}.
Trident. Archpriest.
Sesleth is one of the creator deities, the goddess of water and the great mother of the saurian races. Her priests serve as protectors and advisors in saurian communities.

Sylvanus [CG] Animals, Elves, Forests
Alfar, Animal, Good, Plant, Protection {Creation}.
Club. Archpriest.
Sylvanus is one of the creator gods, and was the god responsible for breathing the spark of life into the world. He is held in high regard by all those who value the complexities of nature and the grandeur of life. His priests and druids serve as guardians of life and promoters of natural harmony.

Speaks-Not [NG] Cycle of Life, Liberation
Good, Hearth, Protection, Renewal {Community}.
None. Archpriest, Hospitaler.
The matron of the Husasa, Speaks-Not is the gentle and nurturing spirit which is the best of humanity. She seeks to gently guide her people toward peaceful fulfillment of their potential, without breaching free will. Her priests often serve their communities through charitable acts, and believe they must teach by example instead of doctrine. While Speaks-Not does not condone violence, she never the less accepts that in some situations the faithful must chose between the life of an enemy or their own.
Special: Speaks-Not does not grant divination spells. All healing spells have a divine bonus of +1 per die.

Teotlaloc [NE] Rain, Yuan-ti
Evil, Plants, Saurian, Water {Summoning}.
Mace. Archpriest.
Teotlaloc is the rainbringer and the patron of Yuan-ti. His worship is mostly limited to the continent of Hutan.

Teotwawki [CE] Evil, Destruction
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Hate, War {Dominion}.
Longspear. Archpriest.
On the continent of Hutan Teotwawki is worshiped by violent beings and placated by all the others, seeking for the god’s wrath to pass them by.

Thorbardyn [LG] Hill Dwarves
Dwarf, Good, Law, Metal, Strength, War {Glory, Mysticism}
Waraxe. Archpriest, Warpriest.
Thorbardyn is the patron of Hill Dwarves and venerated as the first of their kind. It was he who first led dwarves away from the often cruel rulership of the Mountain King. His priests serve to protect their communities and promote all that is best in Hill Dwarves.

Typhon [CE] Agony, Misery, Lies, Tyranny, Sadism
Chaos, Evil, Protection, Suffering, Trickery Tyranny, {Dominion}.
Short Sword. Archpriest.
Typhon is the god of all the darkest elements of human nature. He is the tempter and destroyer. The liar and the thief. Priest of Typhon seek to create a world of which their god would be pleased, and enrich themselves in the process.

Vaedanaā [CE] Misery, Pain, Torture
Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Suffering {Pestilence}
Whip. Archpriest.
Vaedanaā is the goddess of those who relish inflicting pain on others. Her priesthood are among the most twisted and evil of any faiths.

Valar [LG] Justice, Valor, Courage, Paladins
Good, Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength, War {Glory, Exorcism}.
Longsword. Archpriest, Knight of the Chalice, Sacred Exorcist, Warpriest.
Valar is the Iun god of Justice, Valor, Courage and the patron of paladins. He demands unwavering commitment to the tenants of the lawful good alignment from his followers. He is the patron god of Navarra.

Vigilanus [LN] Watchers & Wards
Law, Knowledge, Magic, Retribution {Mind}.
Crossbow. Archpriest, Templar.
Vigilanus is the patron of watchmen and guards. His priests are often trusted with guarding the most valuable items.
Special: If a priest of Vigilanus knowingly speaks an untruth, he will lose all Cleric abilities for one year and a day. If the priest commits an act of betrayal against someone who has trusted him or her, Clerical abilities will be removed forever with no hope of having them return. Priests of Vigilanus receive the Alertness feat for free.

Wotar [NG] Knowledge
Divination, Good, Knowledge, Mentalism, Protection, Rune {Mind}.
Spear. Archpriest, Contemplative, Divine Oracle.
Wotar is the Norden god of Knowledge and he who granted the secrets of magical runes to the Norden people. His priests often serve as advisors, teachers and seers in Norden communities.

Zumakoi [NG] Gnomes, Halflings, the Home.
Good, Healing, Hearth, Luck, Miloi, Protection {Community}.
Sling. Archpriest, Hospitaler.
Zumakoi is the goddess of hearth and home in Miloi and gnome religion. Her clergy serves as councilors, healers and protectors in their communities.

Orders and Churches

Beast Cults [CN] Bestial Nature
Animal, Chaos. {Beast Master}
These barbarian faiths worship totem animals and seek to emulate their primal nature. Many Orcs follow beast cults.

Order Arcana [N(G)] Magic
Magic, Knowledge, Spells.
The Order Arcana is a mystic order of wizard-priests. They worship the magic weave which surrounds and inhabits the world. Their interests require a stable human society to progress at their most efficient level, as such, the Order Arcana can often be found working toward good cases, even though the morality of the issue is not as important to them as the practicality of the matter.

Pantheists [NG] Life, Nature
Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Renewal.
{Beastmaster, Creation}
Pantheists believe that all life is divine in nature, and thus should be protected and cherished. Many Druids are Pantheists.

Holy Order of Saints

The Holy Order of Saints is a pantheon all to itself.  The central premise of the order is a central belief in the divinity of the sentient races and their innate potential for perfection.  Members of the order believe with proper dedication they can achieve bliss in their own lives and aid others to overcome the misery as well.  In the process, each member views themselves on a journey of spiritual progression toward the perfect state.  And the very lucky ones may one day be allowed to join the ranks of the perfected, the Saints.  Those not so lucky will return to the world for another try, which isn’t so bad either.  The only real damnation that can await a member of the Holy Order is to forsake the journey.


Clerics of the Holy Order of Saints choose a patron instead of a deity.  A once mortal to serve as a guide and divine mentor.  While Saints very rarely actually take an active role in their follows lives, their own lives serve as examples.  While there are a great number of ‘Lesser Saints’ some of the most popular saints to choose as patrons are summarized below.

Sankte Augustina [LG] The Avenger
Good, Law, Protection, Retribution, War

Sankt Claud [NG] The Wise
Good, Knowledge, Mentalism, Protection

Sankt Claus [NG] The Jolly
Animal, Good, Healing, Travel

Sankt Elton [NG] The Preserver
Animal, Good, Health, Plant, Renewal

Sankt Hauer [CG] The Bard
Good, Knowledge, Luck, Travel

Sankte Heike [CG] The Wanderer
Good, Health, Knowledge, Travel

Sankt Jurgen [LG] The Crusader
Law, Protection, Strength, War

Sankte Matilda [NG] The Mighty
Good, Luck, Protection, Strength

Sankte Sara [LG] The Redeemer
Good, Health, Law, Protection, Renewal

Sankt Tomas [NG] The Healer
Good, Healing, Hearth, Protection

Sankt Yuri [NG] The Questing Saint
Good, Protection, Strength, Travel


Artifacts are an important part of the faith for the Holy Order of Saints, as they tie the mortal world with the world of the Saints.  When a Saint leaves his or her mortal life, one of their items becomes imbued with divine properties and thence forward functions as a divine artifact.  Some examples follow:

  • The Lance of Sankt Jurgen
  • The Sword of Sankte Augustine
  • The Staff of Sankt Tomas
  • The Boots of Sankt Yuri
  • The Harp of Sankt Hauer